CCYHA Organizational Commitment - CCYHA Strives to Offer a Friendly Environment Which Ensures Continuous Development Through Experienced Quality Coaching and Organizational Leadership

CCYHA Board Trustee Election 2013
Updated 2/19/2013

Nominations Received:
These will be posted at the OhioHealth Dublin Chiller during elections.

Kristi Haugland
Dean Kobs
Drew Hundley
Nicole Kraft
Albert Iosue
TR Mason

 Michael Pittroff

Michele Rossman

Paul Sohner

Robb Struckel

Mike Zazon

Election Times:
the Election will be held at the OhioHealth Dublin Chiller

Monday 02/18/13 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday 02/19/13 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday 02/20/13 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday 02/21/13 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


To be eligible for the election, the person must be a member in good standing of CCYHA, read the Trustee Obligations (below) and submit a Trustee nomination form.

CCYHA Trustee Nomination Form 

This year, each open Trustee position for election carries a three year term. The term starts at the end of June, 2013 and ends June 2016. The Nomination form must be completed and returned to by end of the day 2/14/13 to be considered on the ballot for the 2013 CCYHA election

The Board desires to have at least 1 Trustee position filled with a representative from the House program and at least 1 Trustee position filled with a representative from the Travel program.

Board Trustees are elected by the members in good standing each year, 1 Ballot per Child registered in the Program. The election will be conducted at the end of the season, times and locations will be posted on the web site.

Trustee Obligations

CCYHA is one of the largest associations in the Mid Am District of USA Hockey. As such, Trustee participation is critical to our continued success. Trustees must serve as both leaders and hands-on volunteers.  They must possess the willingness to dedicate the time and energy into developing an environment that supports our kids and allows them the opportunity to play a sport they truly enjoy.

1. The Board and its Trustees govern, set policy and generally oversee the business of the organization. Trustees draft and vote on motions, resolutions and policies. Trustees are expected to attend monthly Board meetings (generally held at the Dublin Chiller in the evening)

2. In addition to the monthly Board Meetings, Trustees are also expected to attend league events, such as House Evaluation weekends, House Tournaments – mid season and end of year tournaments, fundraisers, travel try-out registrations (April-May), affiliation events, philanthropic activities, Board elections (February), annual meeting and committee meetings held outside of the standing Board meetings, the CCYHA Thanksgiving tournament over the holiday weekend. 

If a Trustee is not able to fulfill his/her obligations, the Board has the authority to remove a Trustee from their position.

Organizational Overview

The Board is charged with overseeing over 55 different teams at various levels, including: House, Select, Travel A and Travel AA. CCYHA also runs its own house program, charters 3 AAA Travel teams and charters the Quebec Pee Wee team. Travel teams participate in the Buckeye Travel League, Little Caesar’s Hockey League, Mid West Girl’s League or Cleveland Suburban League. Some highlights of day-to-day Board responsibilities include:

  • Ice procurement and scheduling
  • Staffing
  • Referee relationship management
  • Tournament planning and execution
  • House league planning and execution, including ADM
  • Travel season planning
  • Apparel procurement
  • Sponsorship sourcing
  • Grievance oversight
  • Community philanthropic ventures and fundraising
  • Budgeting and balance sheet management
  • Adherence to USA Policies – coaching certification, registration, background checks, etc.
  • Travel team tryout planning and execution
  • House evaluation planning and execution
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Web management -- on-line registration, payment and communication
  • Meeting with BTHL, CSHL, LCHL, CAHA, CTH, AAA and EYHA throughout the year as required
  • Sting women’s hockey program
  • City-Wide House League and MOBHL administration and oversight functions in conjunction with other local Tier II associations
  • CCYHA Special Needs Hockey/ASHA Administration/oversight
Board Officers are elected by the Board Trustees and consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, DOO and Grievance Coordinator/Risk Manager. These terms are typically for one to two years.