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Partnership Concept

  As many of you know, the CCYHA has been involved with the other central Ohio youth hockey associations to discuss ways to collaborate together with the possibility of a potential unification. Representatives from the Columbus Blue Jackets were approached by the organizations almost a year ago to discuss the future of youth hockey and the possibility of joining forces to create one hockey association in Columbus.  The Blue Jackets became a mediator and mentor in the discussions. The representatives from all organizations have worked tirelessly identifying areas where we can collaborate.
The CCYHA was an active participant in the tremendously positive meetings and the discussions.  A significant amount of ideas surrounding collaboration between the organizations, systematic standards of coaching, “curriculum” standards, ways to incorporate the Blue Jacket’s professional help, guidance and resources to better youth hockey in central Ohio were discussed. We believe moving forward we will be able to continue to collaborate with and help support each organization to achieve some of these goals.
The Board was presented with a “Final Proposal for Unification”, which was created by the Blue Jacket’s representatives with the help of the committee. It contained some great goals and concepts. After considering all of the elements of the Final Proposal the Board of the CCYHA did not vote in favor of moving forward with unification as set forth in the proposal. The Board felt that many of the collaborative aspects and goals laid out in the proposal can be achieved without the creation of a new association. Therefore, we will not be making a recommendation to the membership for a vote on unification at this time. We will continue to work on collaborative efforts that in the end will be in the best interest of the CCYHA Members.

Past Meeting Minutes & Materials
November - No Meeting
08 Recap - Drafts : Working Strawman StructureWorking Proposal
January Proposition
Decision Regarding January Proposition

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