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2014 – 2015 CCYHA House Select Blue Jacket Teams

**Alternates practice with team and play games as needed. Coaches decision.
(Updated 10/27/2013 5:57 PM)


Note that the Mite Select Team will have practice on Tuesday 10/28 at 7:15 PM OSU Ice Rink.

Mite Select     Squirt Select   PeeWee Select
Coach: Bill Stehle     Coach: TR Mason   Coach: Tim Wingfield
Columbo     Bainbridge B.   Alderman G.
Davis     Bernard G.   Baugh K.
Goodfellow     DelBoccio D.   Columbo N.
Hamilton     Gargac B.   Gayetsky I.
Hatem     Geeding R.   Gladden N.
Hoening     Gundel W.   Hazel N.
Long     Hiller B.   Holland J.
Maas     Hoover D.   Johnson A.
Monska     Kerr J.   MacDonald D.
Reichman     Kloth S.   Pallay J.
Roberts     Magyar A.   Piroska H.
Stehle     Mason T.   Shevetz D.
Struckel     Ridout G.   Tevonian W.
Thackeray     Slivon J.   Wagner N.
Thompson     Solano L.   Willer O.
Vogt     Thackeray W.   Wingfield A.
          Wrightsel T.
      Duffy P.   Alternate**
          Duquet G.